Semalt: Start Removing Referral Spam From Google Analytics Right Now

A lot of people find strange referrals popping up in their Google Analytics reports. Do you have the same problem? No doubt, tons of visits to your website are false as because those people are never referred to your site by any marketers.

If you don't understand how Google Analytics works, you might get confused about the information and reports you receive every day. Google Analytics organizes your traffic and divides it into different categories, based on the IP addresses and resources. Some spamming companies deconstruct your Google Analytics files and show fake results. They drive non-genuine traffic to your website through multiple sources.

Jack Miller, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt, explains here how to stay safe from referral spam in Google Analytics.

Removing referral spam from Google Analytics

The stupid spamming companies get the UA code from the JavaScript of your Google Analytics account. Then they insert this code into the server, pretending to be sending you real visits. Your reports, as a result, start showing actual visits which are not actually genuine.

It's evil as they have never referred your site to anyone and the visits you receive are not legitimate. In other words, we can say that you will never get any leads and cannot sell your products and services due to these fake visits. Honestly speaking, you need to remove the referral spam from your Google Analytics reports before the search engines ban and penalize your website.

Google has introduced a couple of tips, strategies, and tactics to keep the websites save. You can simply block the referral spam and the suspicious IP addresses by creating filters. Since you have not received genuine visits, spammers are likely to hack your site and havoc with your Google Analytics reports. According to an estimate, over 12 percent websites are penalized every year because of this issue.

Creating segments in Google Analytics that can block referral spam

You can create segments in the Google Analytics account by opening the View section that consists of reports you may want to use. Here you have to go to the Report tab and open the reports you want to edit or change. That is the place where you should create segments by clicking the Create Segment option. You should not forget to name all of the segments to avoid any confusion in future. Once the segments are successfully created, the next step is to save the changes. You should not close the window before saving all of those changes.

Final Thoughts

It is possible for us to enjoy tons of visits every day. But if you have hired an SEO or a spamming company, there are chances that they are tricking you in one way or the other. They might insert fake plugins and scripts to your server as well as WordPress. Using their service is risky because your business might get penalized on the internet.

If you want to achieve success online, you should never bother using their services. Always remember that they are not giving you real visits but referral spam. The actual visits will buy some of your products, and the scripts they insert in your Google Analytics account might get your site banned for a lifetime.